Alas, Apple’s developers have not yet dealt with the problem.

Many iPhone users waiting for the release of iOS 12.1.1 not because of new features. The main reason for waiting firmware the hope was that iOS 12.1.1 Apple will correct the problem with the stability of connections to LTE and Wi-Fi. However, the miracle did not happen — bug, because of which the connection with the LTE and Wi-Fi can regularly end up left on iPhone after iOS 12.1.1.

IPhone users report that even after installing iOS 12.1.1 annoying problem with Wi-Fi and LTE disappeared. The problem is as before — the connection suddenly dropped and lost at least 20 seconds. Some users reported that to resume the connection is obtained only as a result of re-enable Wi-Fi or after the transfer the iPhone in “airplane mode”.

That unpleasant problem is in the iOS 12.1.1 users report on the various relevant resources, including the official Apple forum. Earlier, we contacted the Apple technical support team on this issue. In support of the company announced that Apple knows about the problem and intends to solve it in one of the next updates.

In iOS 12.1.1, unfortunately, the long-awaited correction has not occurred. Previously we talked about ways to work around the problem, which on the iPhone regularly turns off Wi-Fi and LTE.


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