iOS 12 is still vulnerable!

Chinese security researchers Min Zheng, and Bai Seulong managed to crack iOS 12.1.2 on iPhone XS and XS Max iPhone. Experts discovered vulnerability allowed us to obtain full root-access required to perform the jailbreak.

On his achievement, the developers said on Twitter. They published evidence of successful hacking iOS 12.1.2, and iPhone XS Max is one of the newest Apple smartphones. Before using a similar vulnerability experts managed to hack the iPhone 6s.

The vulnerability in the iPhone XS iPhone XS Max running iOS 12.1.2 proved that all models of iPhone on iOS 12 is exposed to the jailbreak. Previously, it was called impossible, since for many months no one team of hackers managed to get root access on devices running iOS 12.

Can we expect the release of a public jailbreak utility for iOS 12 in the near future? Chinese security researchers Zheng and Bai are unlikely to do it. They are not the first known finding of unique vulnerability in iOS, but never made available to regular users of utilities for the iPhone.

However, it is possible that developments professionals have been using other hackers. In previous years so often happened. The vulnerability in iOS was found by a group of hackers, and jailbreak was done to the other.

Source: Twitter.


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