Check solutron we talked about the iOS 12.1, which affected iPhones hundreds of users and literally broke Wi-Fi.

As it turned out, the problem with falling off Wi-Fi is much more global. A day in the editorial office, we noticed that the bug affected not only the iPhone Xs.

Error loading the video and the page in social networks is observed on the iPhone 7, 8, X, 6s. She is even on the iPhone SE.

It’s tired, angry, annoying…

Open the tape in Instagram, and Yoda. 5 — 10 seconds spinning boot logo. Then everything works fine, but not for long.

If this is a global bug, waiting for update from Apple. This error is very annoying.

The problem with Wi-Fi, it seems, is on all iPhones with iOS 12.1. How are your iPhones? There is a similar? Tell us in the comments.

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