iOS 12.2 pleased with the speed.

Apple developers continue to actively work on IOS 12.2 iOS, bringing it to the optimum condition for launch after the presentation on March 25. The latest beta version of iOS 12.2 pleased users enhanced performance. iOS 12.2 beta 5 accelerated all models of iPhone, including the old.

Is it worth to install iOS 12.2

iOS 12.2 beta 5 has improved the performance of all iPhone models. Initially this was reported by users and developers that began testing the firmware. Positive feedback about the performance of iOS 12.2 beta 5 came from iPhone owners of all generations.

Then increased speed iOS 12.2 beta 5 compared to the previous beta firmware versions and iOS 12.1.4 confirmed testing. Compare firmware showed that 12.2 iOS beta 5 is the fastest upgrade to date. The difference is visible on all models of iPhone and also confirmed by the synthetic tests in the benchmark.

In the latest beta versions of iOS 12.2 Apple developers definitely focused on speed and runtime firmware. Fresh tested assemblies do not receive a large number of innovations, but the optimization iOS 12.2 getting better.

The final version of iOS 12.2 should be out in less than two weeks. It is expected that Apple will provide a firmware to install to all users on March 25, immediately after its first presentation this year. According to available information, at the presentation of Apple on 25 March may be submitted to: the streaming TV service, a news service with a paid subscription, 2019 iPad, iPad mini 5 and 2 AirPods.


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