Not managed by Apple to ensure that all pre-order iPhone XS and XS Max, their copies of the flagship smartphone, as the first owners of vehicles have already begun to sound the alarm. According to the portal user Reddit with nick Defying display of its new iPhone XS is different terrible color reproduction, which in comparison was significantly worse than on the OLED screen last year’s iPhone X.

“I didn’t notice it on Friday, [when I got the smartphone] because you never put the minimum brightness, but I noticed on Saturday, says Defying. — Apollo (mobile client Reddit — approx. on the screen of the iPhone XS looks terrible, more or less helps night mode, but the panel with the controls looks like something faded and gives red. The rest of the content and the applications look exactly the same. Let’s see if I will change [smartphone], if I contact support.”

the iPhone XS — left, iPhone X — right

The problems with color rendering on the iPhone

According to Defying, the color quality decreases only by lowering the backlight brightness to a minimum. In this condition are more likely to suffer the dark areas of the display, which cast orange hues. When you look at the defective iPhone screen XS the impression that by displaying the black color, components it is based on LEDs do not go out completely, and emit a slight radiation, which is quite unusual for organic panels.

How to set true color reproduction

The analysis of the situation were showed that the problem faced by Defying and other users, may be associated with the work of iOS 12. Most likely, the change in color could be due to the fact that the current version of OS will automatically activate the filter “Lowering the white point” and increases the contrast of the display. These functions have a direct impact on the color display, and affect the brightness.

Who and why needs the filter to lower the white point, and how to enable/disable, we have been told. To disable the function of increasing the contrast, go to “Settings” — “Universal access” — “Increase contrast” is Off.


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