Since the release of the final version of iOS 12 it’s been a long time. While there is still no official information on the adoption rate of Apple’s new mobile operating system. Now about the popularity of iOS 12 can only be judged according to unofficial estimates.

For example, the portal Mixpanel says that now iOS 12 is more popular than it was last year in iOS 11. According to information published on this resource, today running the new mobile operating system runs more than 45 percent of all compatible Apple devices. For comparison last year for about the same period iOS 11 was installed about 44% of all iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

While initially the situation was not so “rosy”. According to Mixpanel, during the first ten days after release iOS 12 on a new Apple mobile operating system moved only 21% of users. Then analysts noted that iOS 11 went device much faster.

Now, however, the situation began to change. Perhaps the increase in adoption rate of iOS 12 is connected with the fact that the system has not yet found any critical errors. Of course, some flaws in the new operating system is. Just recently became aware of the problems with charging when is off and their device is locked and an unstable Bluetooth. However, judging by the reviews, these shortcomings are faced, not all users.


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