iOS 12 contains a bunch of new features which Apple failed to tell on the stage of WWDC 2018. One of them is portrait photography.

Developer of iOS apps Halide decided to test how it works portrait mode in iOS 12 in comparison with iOS 11 and was amazed at how much better he has become. Judging by the pictures, the new software for the camera allows to distinguish even the individual hairs, as is the case with the natural bokeh created using a special lens.

What is the rear or the front camera pictures were taken is unknown. But anyway there is a great progress in this direction. Maybe, it will cease to close part of a man’s head and his hair after the upgrade. Then a smartphone will finally be able to compete with professional cameras.

iOS 12 was presented June 4 at the annual WWDC. In addition to improved portrait shooting mode, it will be a function of “Screen time”, showing how much time a person spends with their smartphone or tablet, and will also be greatly improved performance in comparison with iOS 11 and older versions of the system.


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