The network continues to receive information about new Apple operating systems. For example, today, sources said that the cupertinos have to allow third-party applications to import photos and videos from external drives to bypass the application “Photo”.

At the moment, when you import photos to iPhone and iPad users need to do extra manipulation in the beginning to wait until the files become accessible in the Photos app, and then select them from your library in other programs. However, in iOS 13 the situation must change.

As for mouse support, this opportunity is available only to owners of Apple tablets. At least, this information was shared by well-known developer Steven Troughton-Smith. In the past, he has repeatedly reported accurate information regarding Apple’s new products.

It is noteworthy that the future iOS update should bring quite a lot of innovations focused on the iPad. Recently, sources have reported improved multi-tasking where users can change the position of the individual Windows, and the ability to use the iPad as an external screen for your Mac.


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