It has long been rumored that Apple is working on a headset or with the augmented reality glasses. Although recent data indicate that the project is suspended, enthusiasts believe in the reality of the project. According to MacRumors, the code in the mobile operating system iOS 13 have been found references unknown AR device that can be worn on the head. Maybe it’s just about AR glasses.

As it turned out, in the Assembly there is an app STARTester with the regime head-mounted mode, which is available in two States. In the first the device can be placed at head level in the second — to wear. In addition, in the test file describes a kind of shell StarBoard, intended for augmented reality applications. And the device appears under the codename Garta.

Some media and insiders claim that Apple is going to release augmented reality glasses already in 2020. And Apple CEO Tim cook has repeatedly spoken about the importance of this technology.

But the Chinese clearly do not want to be left behind. The company Vivo a few months ago showed your own version of augmented reality glasses. Although they work only with brand smartphones iQOO.

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