The MacRumors continues to share information about yet unannounced Apple tracker. Today, the authors of the website has published several screenshots, which you can see the process of adding a device codenamed B389 in the application Locator.

In General, MacRumors reported, nothing really new. In the past they have already talked about what Apple’s brand label can be made in the form of a small round stick. It is assumed that it will be equipped with processor U1, which is already in iPhone 11. This chip uses ultra-wideband channel, to determine the location of the tracker in space with an accuracy of 5 to 10 centimeters.

Also in the past the authors MacRumors reported the presence of a special search mode with elements of augmented reality. With its help, users are able to find lost things. It is expected that augmented reality location items will be marked with colored balloons.

In fact, the new discovery Now allows us to hope for an early announcement of the Apple tracker. Initially it was assumed that it will be presented simultaneously with the iPhone 11. However, now more sources are loitering to the fact that kupertinovtsy decided to postpone the release tracker before the October events, which should be dedicated to the iPad and MacBook Pro.


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