Apple is just getting ready to announce iOS 13 in June, but the Network has already appeared a lot of new details about the next version of the mobile operating system.

In addition to many performance improvements, the developers will add new keyboard option. It will allow users to type the word “swipe”, i.e., without lifting your finger from the screen swiping from letter to letter. The Health app will benefit from improved home page to display daily activity. Apple has prepared the section “health hearing” where it will be explained in detail, how loud the user is listening to music through headphones or shown the overall volume of the external environment.

Reminders will have a new start screen with the four default sections: tasks for the day, all tasks, scheduled tasks and flagged tasks. The iMessage application will receive a “WhatsApp-like improvements,” and users can choose a profile picture and display name, as well as those who can see them. Special menus for conversations will allow you to send shtekernye version Animagi and memory.

The Maps app will help users to mark the locations that they visit most often. They can be grouped together and tie them to the photo. “Find my friends” and “Find my iPhone” will be combined into one app within the company called GreenTouch. It is assumed that it can be combined with the physical accessory from Apple, told Bloomberg.

Changes in “Screen time” should help parents better to control the digital lives of children: adults will be able to designate with whom the child or, on the contrary, is not able to communicate at a certain time (for example, with friends only in the evening and on weekends).

IOS presentation will be held in the framework developers conference 2019, which will be held from 3 to 7 June.

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