How so?

According to several leaks from insiders from the summer-autumn 2018, in iOS 13 can receive the long-awaited dark theme. And expect many users night mode may be not the same as it is implemented in third-party apps or in Android. According to the latest projections, the dark theme is not black but dark gray.

About the appearance of iOS 13, dark theme interface, before the developers and insiders who found direct allusions to the innovation in the code of beta versions of iOS 12. However, when it comes to night mode, the so-called Dark Mode, most users there the picture is completely black interface.

But really, if iOS 13 and will appear dark theme interface, it just will not completely black, as in many third-party applications such as YouTube. If Apple planned to implement night mode in iOS 13, it will be made in the style similar to macOS Mojave. This means that the interface will be dark grey and not jet black.

Dark theme in macOS Mojave. Something similar should be expected in the iOS 13

This way Apple will succeed and to bring their operating systems to the overall appearance and highlight its development against the background of competing solutions. Given that Dark Mode in macOS Mojave much like the Mac users of similar enthusiasm should be expected after the appearance of the dark theme for the iPhone.


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