For anybody not a secret that today all large companies or otherwise collect sensitive data about users. One of the researchers from Vanderbilt University have decided in practice to compare the volume of the transmitted information on the most popular mobile platforms: iOS and Android. The results were very entertaining.

According to the results of the experiment revealed that the operating system Google more often and more intensively sends confidential data. On the basis of the collected information and the advertising profiles it turned out that Google can easily identify the user account. In just 24 hours an Android smartphone running the Google Chrome browser has turned to private servers more than 340 times. Thus passed as data about a user’s location and other technical information. Remarkably, the data collection was carried out even in the background.

In the case c iPhone running Safari, the send data was carried out exclusively in active use in disproportionately smaller scale. Over the same period time the smartphone is turned to the Apple servers in just about 35 times. Transmitted when the information was anonymous and were much less meaningful.

We will remind that not so was Google was implicated in a major scandal associated with the storage and processing of personal data. The Corporation even sued for what the users were not provided with full information about how actually the mechanism of data collection.


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