Many users of Apple devices almost immediately after acquiring the gadget install huge number of applications, although in most cases, a regular program can handle different tasks better than analogues from the App Store.

In this tutorial we will explain how to set “Notes” for more comfortable use, and what hidden functions are there from the application.

Notes are very easy to work in the field, for example, you can start typing the text for the article, scan documents, make quick sketches, to distribute the shopping list, etc.

To view more options and can move quickly to perform a specific task, simply click on the application icon using the 3D Touch. In the context menu you can choose to create a new note, checklist, photos and sketches (in iOS 12 instead of creating sketches is the item “scan a document”).

You can also add the widget “Notes”, which is very convenient to use.

Custom applications to fit your needs

First, you need to go to “Settings> Notes”

If you sync with iCloud you can select account by default to save notes.

In the section View you can display the date modified, created, or title. You can also choose the format of the first line – the title, header, normal text. Lines and cells define the layout in the application. It is possible to set a password and restrict the access to some notes.

At the bottom there is a “Blocked screen control”, you can configure the application so that the last note will open directly from the control room without entering the password.

This option can be a great solution, for example when shopping, as shown in the screenshot.

In the application you can create tables, choose formatting, add photos, scan documents and make sketches. There is a save function in a PDF and the ability to share via AirDrop to another device and continue working on the note.

The Notes app from Apple is really a useful working tool.


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