Apple today has expanded its list of obsolete devices new name. Got the iPad 2. This means that authorized service centers are no longer repairing these tablets.

It is worth noting that the iPad 2 has become one of the “oldest old”. The device was officially supported by about 8 years. However, this was only of service. Software updates iOS tablet does not receive for a long time.

As for the service, after getting the iPad 2 and its modifications (iPad 2 3G and iPad 2 3G Verizon) to the list of legacy devices authorized service centers stop receiving parts for repair of these tablets.

It is noteworthy that many use these tablets today. This is due to the fact that for some time cupertinos iPad 2 sold at a discount. Of course, these tablets can’t cope with new games and applications. However, many still use these devices for watching movies, surfing the net and reading books – with this iPad 2 copes.


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