While Apple hasn’t officially introduced a new version of its desktop operating system. However, the network has already appeared the first rumors regarding the features of macOS 10.15. For example, today it became known that the new OS option will appear, which will allow you to turn your iPad into an additional monitor for the Mac.

At the moment the new feature is codenamed Sidecar. With its help, users are able to move any window to an external screen. Moreover, as the latter can act as an additional monitor or iPad.

Sources say that the screen of Apple tablet window, macOS will only display in full screen mode. It will be fully functional. However, it is difficult to say how useful will such a decision. In particular, it is unknown whether the delay when using the “external” window.

It is worth noting that third-party developers had come up with a tool that allows you to turn your iPad into an external monitor for Mac. This can be done using a special app called Duet Display.


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