Orlando bloom, known for his role in the movie series “Lord of the Rings” refused to act in the theater, as one of the spectators was in the hands of the iPad.

The actor played the play “Killer Joe” in London, when the incident occurred. In his speech he twice suddenly changed their text due to the fact that the hall was the man with the iPad.

According to eyewitnesses, Orlando bloom departed from the script and shouted from the stage “I want you to clean iPad now!”. A few minutes later, he again distorted the play, cried “Get your fucking iPad, I wait.”

The people sitting in the audience, noted that the girl with the tablet almost did not touched him and could not prevent the artist from performing.

Due to the large proliferation of smartphones and tablets in theaters frequent incidents of this kind. Usually they are related to the fact that people record a video of the speech or disrupt their unexpected calls.

In order to avoid such, manufacturers include in their devices the “do Not disturb” and “In theater” that disable some functions of the electronics like notifications and calls.


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