The author of the famous Youtube channel jerryrigeverything once recently tested the iPad mini 5 for strength, checking how well the new Apple tablet is scratch and how easily it can be bent.

In a nutshell, the upgraded iPad mini were strong enough. In particular, the tablet “free” passed the test for flexibility. Yes, the device can be fairly easy to bend at a slight angle, but to completely break it will not work. Test jerryrigeverything once again confirmed the fact that the old iPad design better cope with such loads. Recall that last year’s iPad Pro without the Home button bent very easily.

With regard to the capacity of the housing and the screen can withstand scratches, then there is the new iPad mini to surprise is especially nothing. The rear panel can be scratched fairly easy (3/10 on the Mohs scale). To leave marks on the aluminum coating can be almost any pointed object.

The glass covering the front surface, proved to be more durable — 6/10 on the Mohs scale. However, if you want to leave any scratches on him, for example, key. However, to put pressure on him to have enough. Similarly the situation is with the main camera lens of the tablet. The scratch-resistant element was the Home button (8/10 on the Mohs scale). The sapphire glass that covers the button that best resists mechanical damage.


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