Apple does not see this as a problem.

Some buyers of the latest 11 – and 12.9-inch iPad Pro 2018 found that the body of their tablets have small bends. Today Apple has officially commented and said that “a very slight bend” of the buildings of the iPad Pro 2018 is quite normal.

iPad bent — what to do

Apple told the Verge that some models of the iPad Pro 2018 can actually be bent out of the box. According to representatives of the company, a slight curve of the buildings of the new iPad is “a side effect of the production process”. Apple has assured that the bend should not eventually in any way affect the operation of the iPad.

Apple also emphasized that this curve is not a defect. This means that the return of the iPad Pro 2018 with such a small bending under warranty fail.

Earlier in the Internet appeared the video, which proved that the new iPad Pro 2018 easy enough to bend. However, in order to do this bloggers have applied great effort. To provide a similar effect on the tablet under conditions of normal use of the device impossible.

However, sensational video with easy iPad forced Apple to give your comment about this. The company stated that no concerns about the structural rigidity of iPad Pro there and all the statements that the body of the tablet is very easy to bend undue.

Source: The Verge.


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