The scandal with the iPad Pro isn’t worth a damn.

Last week Apple was at the center of another questionable scandal. Media reported about the fact that expensive tablet iPad Pro 2018 can be bent right out of the box, and Apple thinks this is normal. Official Apple representatives denied this information, saying that the iPad Pro 2018, on the contrary, most carefully considered the company’s tablet in history. Today the situation with the curved iPad Pro 2018 “out of the box” discussed by users of tablets.

iPad Pro — bend or not

In the survey among the owners of 11 – and 12.9-inch iPad Pro 2018 was attended by more than 50 tablet users. The survey was created by one of the owners of iPad Pro, which really surprised the media hysteria associated with the fact that the most expensive Apple tablet, supposedly unable to have a visible defect immediately after purchase.

Of the more than 50 respondents iPad users Pro only one owner said that the body of his tablet really is barely noticeable curve. All other users said that the case is perfectly flat. Most of the owners have deliberately checked this point, as once again after the recent scandal in the media.

“My 11-inch iPad Pro perfectly flat. I specifically checked it the other day, putting on a smooth (level) surface and tried to waggle — to no avail,” wrote one user.

Similar reviews and most of the other owners of the new iPad Pro 2018. Thus, as stated before, the official representatives of Apple, the scandal was artificially inflated media. If the iPad Pro 2018 has a defect in case after the purchase, it was a factory defect and the company quietly exchanged the tablet for a new one.

Source: Reddit.


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