Judging by the latest rumors, one of Apple’s new smartphone should get an advanced main camera, consisting of three lenses. While it is unknown exactly how Apple will position them on the back of the iPhone. However, Chinese sources report that the cupertinos will give preference to the square platform.

According to the snapshot, which appeared on Chinese social network Weibo, Apple will indeed come with all three lens and flash on a square platform. While it is likely that it will be slightly raised above the body of the device. According to the source who took the photo, in the photo you can see the chassis of the new iPhone. It is reported that the item has been received from one of the employees working in factories manufacturing partner of Apple.

It is worth noting that the chassis is generally similar to the pictures that were recently made on one of factories of Foxconn. Recall that the latter is also depicted a schematic drawing and documentation of one of the new Apple smartphones.

In the past, network sources reported that Apple is testing several prototypes with different location triple camera. In one of the lenses was located in one line and the other on a square platform. According to the latest data, the latter was recognized by the cupertinos more successful.


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