Apple will make this feature convenient.

New iPhone 11 and 11 iPhone Max will have the opportunity to charge other devices wirelessly, this was told by respected analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. The flagship of Apple will be the first smartphones with a similar function, but in an unusual iPhone charging other gadgets from the smartphone should become really easy to use.

iPhone 11 the iPhone 11 Max wouldn’t be the first smartphone to offer users the wireless charging function for other devices. For the first time this option has appeared in the flagship Huawei Mate 20 Pro. It is also expected that Samsung will equip its flagship Galaxy S10 and S10+ same opportunity.

However, Apple should be able to do wireless charging devices directly on the “back” of the iPhone. The owners are the same Huawei Mate 20 Pro say that the function is in fact useless. The device charged very slowly, and charge the smartphone when it is consumed rapidly. According to the reviews, no point in using the feature yet.

Apple is not used to enter into your smartphones useless functions. In this regard, it is expected that wireless charging other devices using your iPhone iPhone 11 and 11 Max would be better than the competition. In particular, Apple can make a high speed charging devices.

With the new iPhone and iPhone 11 11 Max will be able to charge other devices that support wireless charging standard Qi. This option allows, for example, on-the-go charge new AirPods, which will be the case with wireless charging.


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