Lightning goes to rest.

Apple is planning to abandon the Lightning connector in the iPhone sample 2019, said checked the sources of Macotakara, the production chain of the company. According to insiders, Apple will equip the new iPhone 11 (XI) and iPhone Max 11 (XI Max) connector USB Type-C.

Apple intends to abandon the traditional equipment iPhone Lightning connector, according to sources. The company will put the new iPhone on USB type-C, whereby all of the latest devices of the company will be equipped with identical ports. In the fall of 2018 Apple releases a iPad Pro with a USB-C instead of Lightning, and the Mac switching to USB-C was performed earlier.

The presence of the new iPhone sample 2019 of USB type-C will open up new opportunities for users. First, smartphones will get support for even more rapid charging. Also thanks to the USB-C to smartphones can connect much more different accessories.

Informed about Apple’s plans to release the first iPhone with a USB type-C has already said reputable analysts Atherton Research. According to their forecast, Apple approved the decision to transfer the new iPhone to a USB-C instead of Lightning.

Apple introduced a new iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Max in September 2019. About other scheduled for year new company you can learn from this article.

Source: Macotakara.


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