The ongoing dispute between Apple and Qualcomm can cause the iPhone 2018 will be equipped with LTE modules from other manufacturers that have a significant effect on the speed of the network, according to CNET.

25 July 2018, the leadership of Qualcomm stated that, most likely, will not supply components on any iPhone models 2018:

“We believe that Apple intends to use only modems our competitor and not our modules for the next generation iPhone,” said Qualcomm CFO George Davis during a conference call with investors.

Most likely, the only supplier of LTE modems for smartphones Apple will stay with Intel. This may be bad news for iPhone fans, because the design of the Intel products are significantly inferior to Qualcomm speed Internet access.

Apple is also considering MediaTek as a supplier of LTE – a and 5G modems for future generations of the iPhone. The use of components from several manufacturers allows a Corporation to obtain more favorable purchase prices and reduce dependence on partners.

iPhone X and other iOS devices equipped with wireless modems Qualcomm. The company also claims that it owns the patents on the touch panel, and controls with smartphones. According to component supplier, Apple is illegally copied some of the development Qualcomm, that’s why the group wants to obtain from the Corporation, Tim cook 4.5 billion in royalties. Point in litigation is not yet set, but the relationship between recent partners had to seriously deteriorate.


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