Russian iPhone owners prefer to take an old smartphone in the store Trade-in program to get a discount when buying a new device. This is reported by market experts, information confirmed by representatives of the stores.

Every day in Russia exchanged hundreds of Apple smartphones, and there are my reasons, because Trade-in is aimed primarily to make the sale and purchase of the iPhone as safe as possible and simple. Enough to come to the shop (or fill in the application form on the website), you can turn your old phone, and then charge to get a new one. It’s much easier than messing around with the display of ads, to meet in shopping malls, and especially to bargain. In the end, there is always the risk of running into scams.

Rent for any iPhone Trade-in

Most often, the Trade-in program pass iPhone 6, reported to us by representatives of the store These smartphones account for almost a quarter of the total number of devices implemented in the framework of this program. Surprisingly, in second place after him is not an iPhone 5s, as is commonly believed, the iPhone 7 with a share of 20 %. This is because with the release of iPhone X many of the owners were to exchange their “sevens”.

The top three Trade-in closes iPhone 5s has already been followed by iPhone 6s, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone SE and the rest.

The advantage of the program Trade-in some of the stores that they offer not only to trade in their old device through the discounts on new, but also sell it, get the money in hand. For example, i-Ray provides the choice to sell a gadget or buy a completely new device in exchange for the old with a small surcharge.

So, for sale or exchange iPhone is enough to visit the page where the form to enter brief information about the device. Among the data — model of your old device, body color, memory size and package of the phone. The iPhone as you identify yourself: if signs of wear are not, this “As new”, if there are scratches or small abrasions are “Good”, “medium” if you have noticeable chips, and when a large amount of external damage, it’s Bad.

If you wish, you can also describe a smartphone in a free form to enter the serial number and upload photos. However, if you are interested in advice on Trade-in, you can also leave your contact information — store specialists will contact you and will tell all. But it is better to fill the form: it will take a few minutes and time in the long run will save you a lot.

After processing the applications Manager will provide you with a preliminary cost of buying a smartphone. Will just have to come to the store, where a specialist will diagnose the device and call the final estimated value. Willing to sell iPhone — just take the money, and those who want to become owner of the new device, pay the difference in price. Came with the old iPhone, and left with a new.

Conveniently, the shop accepts not only iPhone but also iPad, Apple watch and MacBook computers. With exchange your old device can be on any product from the store! For example, hand over your old iPhone 5s, and instead of getting new headphones Beats. This extended Trade-in program will not find anywhere else.

The design of the application is carried out directly on the website for all devices. Form for other gadgets very similar model, condition, photos, and so on.

But most importantly, convenience in this case, you do not need to spend time placing ads, phone calls and explanations, justifying every scratch when selling a smartphone on eBay.


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