And all this at 32ºC!

the iPhone is rightfully recognized as one of the most unstable to cold smartphones. However, the iPhone can withstand being even in the harshest conditions. The last amazing event, told by one of the users on the Internet, once again confirms the durability of the iPhone.

The owner of the iPhone 6s is said that he dropped his smartphone into the snow to a depth of over a meter. To get a smartphone was impossible, so the user just accept the loss, but prudently turned the iPhone in lost mode on iCloud website (instructions on how to do this).

After a week in the snow iPhone 6s “alive.” Smartphone turned itself on, he found himself in lost mode and sent the call sign owner to another device. Surprise user no bounds, so he went looking at the coordinates indicated iPhone and was able to find it.

In the screenshot the same call iPhone to its owner

The user said that all week the weather was very unfavorable for the equipment — the temperature reached 32ºC.

Found iPhone was in fully working condition. The user only has Lightning connector cleaned and well dried the smartphone (not in the pic — you can’t do that). iPhone earned as if nothing had happened.

Your iPhone is not as hardy? Previously, we talked about why the iPhone actually shuts down in the cold and how to save the smartphone from the Russian cold.

Source: Reddit.


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