To incapacitate your iPhone, simply in any field using voice input five times to enter the hyphen. On Tuesday, February 12, reported by a Twitter user from Russia under the pseudonym of iSkin.

“A guide to action: in any application (sic) where you enter the text (sic) include voice dialing and say “dash” (hyphen),” writes the user.

According to user comments, the problem is reproducible on the iPhone 6s, 8, X, and XS Max. According to the published in the review video, the user “throws” to the home screen from anywhere in the OS.

At the moment the discussion of the bug is only in Runet. The foreign press, like the Apple, still silent.

It is noteworthy that every year in February, becomes aware of another error same as above. Exactly three years ago SecurityLab reported a similar problem, called “error 1970”. It was the fact that when reinstalling the dates of January 1, 1970 the device started to reboot cyclically. In mid-February of last year, iOS is also “broke” from the sign of the Indian alphabet.

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