Apple has already taken the necessary measures.

App store disappeared from the app Onavo Protect. The client VPN service that iOS and Android were downloaded more than 33 million times, violated the policy of the Apple app store and collected sensitive data. These data were transmitted to Facebook, a social network used them to track the popularity of individual apps and other marketing purposes.

In the official comments to the publication TechCrunch, the Apple representative explained that recently in the App Store does not accept apps that collect data about other installed on specific device applications. This information can be used for analytical and promotional purposes without user knowledge or consent and violate their right to privacy. Such data passed Facebook Onavo Protect, and has violated the App Store policy.

Apple was forced to remove the VPN client. Facebook asked to remove Onavo Protect from the store. Representatives of the social network requirement perform in — App Store the app is listed as not available.

Download VPN client Onavo Protect is still in Play store Market. Given the fact that Google collects several times more data about users than Apple, it doesn’t look weird.

Facebook has acquired Onavo Protect in 2013. The service was founded in 2010.

Source: TechCrunch


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