The new Yorkers attacked photos of male genital organs (“Dikti”) via AirDrop. The owner of the iPhone in the United States are more likely to receive dirty pictures from strangers.

On complaints of this type of harassment, which is informally called the “cyberflying,” writes The New York Times. The publication calls it sexual harassment, knotted at the technology. Under the concept of exhibitionism “Dikti” does not fit. However, punishment in the U.S. can enter. November 29 at City Council of new York has proposed fining a thousand dollars, or to imprison for a year in jail for such violation.

Media 2017 writing about the cases of sending obscene pictures in public places using wireless technology file transfer from Apple AirDrop, launched in 2011.

Because AirDrop allows anonymity, the potential victim is almost never knows exactly who sent her “dickpic”.

Users in Russia, too, sometimes complain of sending “naked” photo in the AirDrop.

Earlier wrote that at the Burger King in Russia has complained for indecent advertising.

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