iPhone can start to collect in Vietnamerica the US and China remains the unspoken trade war. Despite the talks between the President of the United States Donald trump and leader of China XI Jinping, which the US President called “extraordinary”, the risk of a rise in price (within 10%) produced in China technology is still large.

In this regard, one of the most significant in creating products Apple factories Foxconn plans to begin construction of a new factory in Vietnam.

This will prevent any risks that may incur surcharges on exported Chinese goods. And now almost all the iPhones are going exactly in the factories of Foxconn, located on the territory of China.

Part of the smartphones produced in Brazil and India, but it is mostly outdated models. To solve the issue with the tax charges only building factories outside China. But Vietnam’s weak infrastructure and insufficient manpower.

Foxconn excitement is justified: if the export smartphones from China will be too expensive, Apple would be more logical to completely abandon the services of the plant. And Foxconn, of course, does not want to lose such an impressive permanent customer.

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