Donald trump has repeatedly offered the Apple to return to the US. The company now produces at home only workstations Mac Pro, everything else, including iPhones and MacBooks in China. IT-giant resisted and trump seemed to have receded.

The American President started a trade war with Beijing, adding that Apple products can fall under the 25 percent Chinese tax. In principle, it may become a symbol not only of a trade war, but the beginning of a global revolution.

As for Apple, to build factories in other countries does not mean to temporarily reduce production. Products more expensive, the iPhone, of course, have the fans, but they remember that they are not inferior counterparts, says Executive Director of the VSK Group Maxim Tishchenko:

Maksim Tishchenko, Executive Director of the VSK Group “will be churn, no one wants to wait more than originally anticipated. It’s one thing to wait a month or two, another five or six months. People think: you can go to other companies offering sometimes even better models for more money. The cost of Apple products is already quite high, if it will be even higher, most of the potential buyers will be denied”.

Apple can produce gadgets: Brazil, a poor country in Eastern Europe would be welcomed by an American Corporation. New country, new conditions, new laws, new taxes will take time to adjust. But it is not important. For example, the company will transfer production to India or Vietnam, and tramp (or the next President of the United States) will unleash a trade war against them. You can not constantly move from one place to another.

Of course, all this is somewhat exaggerated conclusions, but can with great confidence say that started a global confrontation will encourage scientific progress. Robotization of production will allow without prejudice to produce goods anywhere and break the hegemony of China. About his share in the smartphone market — the General Director of analytical Agency Telecomdaily Denis Kuskov:

Denis Kuskov, General Director of information-analytical Agency TelecomDaily “No smartphones that are produced in the territory of one state, they come from different points. If you are now taking IT brands, where a lot of Chinese manufacturers, it is the prevailing market share. I think that there including these accessories more than 80%”.

Trump has offered Apple to build plants in the US, instead offering tax breaks, but somehow the proposal did not take the bait. Probably because in the States, unlike China, very expensive labor, benefits will not cover her losses.

Contact the trump methods are. The story of the arrest of the Finance Director Huawei, probably there is no accident. Maybe it’s not Iran, with which accused the Chinese company. A court in Fuzhou forbidden Apple sell in the country with seven iPhone models. The reason he called the patent dispute, but there is reason to think that the point is not only that.

It seems that Apple pushed out of China in all possible ways. This can be followed by all of the above consequences: new markets, new technologies, new leaders and possibly new prices on smartphones.

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