High efficiency 7-nanometer chipset A12 Bionic, according to Apple providing the iPhone XS and XS Max half – and ninety-minute increase in time of Autonomous work indicators iPhone X, manifests itself not in all scenarios. How did you find the author of the blog Tom’s Guide, sometimes new smartphones Apple not only surpass last year’s “top ten”, but even yield to autonomy, which is what happened during the experiment

In the framework of the test operation time without recharging iPhone X, XS and XS Max was subjected to continuous web surfing using a standard browser Safari for over 9 hours. Before testing, the organizers have connected the smartphone to the network of one operator, set the brightness of their display at 150 nits, as a precaution by turning off the automatic brightness control mode and True Tone. In short, made every effort to comply with maximum objectivity.

How many iPhone’s XS battery operated

First, surprisingly, dead iPhone XS. The device worked for about 9 hours and 41 minutes — a good result, which, however, was not enough to enter even into the five of leaders of the industry, or at least to surpass the iPhone X.

How many iPhone XS Max running on battery

The honorable second place with a score of 10 hours and 38 minutes, took the iPhone XS Max. Additional hours of autonomy tabletu provided built-in battery capacity of 3000 mAh. However, no matter how long held a 6.5-inch smartphone Apple, even he lost last year’s flagship.

Should you buy iPhone X in 2018

iPhone X, in turn, honestly surfed on the Network for over 10 hours and 49 minutes, by example proving that the CPU artificial intelligence is not always able to extend the battery life, and the numbers on paper may not reflect the real situation.

Why iPhone X iPhone running for longer than XS, and XS Max

What linked the gap in working time of the smartphone battery life is difficult to say, especially when you consider that iOS 12 was created with an eye on the iPhone XS and XS Max. Perhaps the reason for that is lack of optimization of hardware and software, which has already made itself felt in the case of color reproduction and the ability of devices to operate in networks of LTE, made nervous first owners.


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