According to the publication iDropNews, XS Max iPhone caught fire in his pants pocket resident of Ohio. The incident occurred on 12 December this year.

Everything that happens has happened in the office where the victim worked Josh Hilliard. The man felt a strange smell coming from his pants pocket, where lay the iPhone XS Max. Then the man felt in legs, heat and burning. A few seconds later, a large amount of smoke. The man had to rapidly take off his pants, and his colleagues with a fire extinguisher was able to extinguish the resulting flames.

In the evening Josh Hilliard with the charred remains of the phone appealed to Apple Store. Despite the fact that from the time of purchase of his iPhone XS Max it’s only been three weeks in the service center refused to provide a new gadget. Employees of the Apple Store explained that they would send the remains of the gadget engineers for trial.

We will remind, in November of the current year, a similar incident happened on the jubilee flagship iPhone X. Then the gadget exploded after upgrading to iOS 12.1. In the same month on the forum Reddit was reported on fire Lighting cables for charging iPhone X.

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