Increase the prices of the iPhone are expected.

At the end of July it became known that the United States intends to impose additional duties of 25% on import of various products from China. The leading news publication reported that the new duties will affect many technology companies, including Apple. “Yellow” the media immediately picked up this information and told about the upcoming serious rise in price of iPhone around the world. However, in reality the imposition of duties will not affect the cost of Apple devices.

The fact that the United States impose duty on all products imported from China. The authorities have created a specific list of products, which, according to official figures, does not include products associated with the production of iPhone, iPad or Mac. This means that the imposition of duties will not in any way affect the running of your Apple device.

Authoritative resource Bloomberg stressed that the negative impact of fees on Apple will be minimal. Due to disputes in the US and China can grow exceptionally smart HomePod speakers and the Apple Watch is the first generation that are no longer available.

So unfair the media should not panic. A wholesale price increase on Apple equipment “worldwide” is not expected. At least until then, until the United States breaks out where more stringent import duties.

Source:, Bloomberg.


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