Face ID not catch up.

When Apple released iPhone X with the revolutionary face detection Face ID, leading analysts said that the company has overtaken the industry for at least two years. They were not mistaken. The latest expensive flagship Samsung Galaxy S10 got the face recognition function, which is in poor condition. It is possible to deceive even the video, which depicted the owner of the device.

In the Internet there are more videos from users and Galaxy Galaxy S10 S10 Plus, which shows the imperfection of face detection. The protective system is to cheat the users photo, and it does not matter — printed the or next to the face scanner with display another smartphone.

Moreover, in certain cases, unlock Galaxy S10 was a success, showing a face scanner, a video which depicted the owner of the device. A popular foreign blogger Jane Wong and does worked the system of protection, using a photo of his brother.

Note that Samsung does not mention the face detection direct analog Face ID, warning about the insecurity of using it in their expensive flagships. However, users compare the function with the standard — Face ID from Apple.

Source: SG.


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