Some time ago the insurance company that Zebra conducted a survey, according to which owners of Apple’s mobile devices much more distracted driving than users of Android smartphones. To such conclusion experts have come, having interrogated more than 2,000 American drivers.

According to the survey, iPhone owners are actively using their smartphones even while driving. More than half of respondents sends messages, a 33% done and 20% of people records video while riding in cars. Some also viewed the tape in Facebook (15%) and Instagram (12%).

As for Android users, the results of the survey, they distract slightly less. However, about 35% questioned the owner of Android devices still write messages at the wheel, a further 23% doing and 10% records video.

It is noteworthy that in almost all American States have laws that prohibit drivers to be distracted from the road. However, according to the survey, Zebra, many, it did not stop.


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