The real problem, but solved quite simply.

In store iPhone there is incomprehensible to many users of the “Other.” Underneath the iOS operating system means the firmware itself, application cache, temporary files, etc. Today, iPhone owners have complained that in some cases it is the “Other” can occupy in memory up to 65 GB.

A discussion of unusual extravagance of the “Other” category appeared on the popular online Reddit. He raised his iPhone, which is the size of the system files began to exceed more than impressive 64 GB. He said that using a mobile device as usual, therefore does not understand why his memory of the smartphone is gradually ending.

A screenshot of the page storage unhappy user

A few other iPhone users complained of the identical problem. However, in their cases “Other” was much less space in memory — up to 15-20 GB. One unhappy iPhone owners asked for help in the Apple, where they told him that this situation is “normal”. In addition, he advised working on a way to reduce the size of the “Other” category in memory. Employees Apple support suggested to the user have long been known method of purification of the “Other” category. Previously we have talked about it on the pages of our website.

How to remove “Other” on iPhone

In order to greatly reduce the size of the “Other” category, you must create a fresh backup of the iPhone, perform a full reset of the device, and then restore to the latest backup. The result of this simple operation cache and temporary files are removed and your iPhone will be plenty of room.

Note that the user who is “Other” took 65 GB in the iPhone memory and used that way by Apple. Because of this he was able to reduce the size of the “Other” category is quite standard to 6 GB. Completely remove the category “Other” is impossible, since it takes into account the size of the operating system.

Source:, Reddit.


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