There are real ways.

In Russia and the markets in many other developing countries are becoming increasingly popular smartphones Chinese manufacturers. Apple and Samsung is rapidly losing ground, while Huawei and Xiaomi fix a tremendous increase in purchases each quarter. Has reached that in June, the most popular of smartphones was not an iPhone or some kind of budget Samsung, and Huawei 9 Lite. Apple and Samsung, no doubt, strained because of this. But what do they do?

To offer more discounts

Experts of the Russian market of mobile devices called the main reason for the success of Huawei — a large number of deals that are run regularly. Indeed, the official Russian website Huawei every few days there are new discounts, and very solid.

In order to repel Chinese manufacturers Samsung need to offer more discounts than it is now. Apple even want to begin to offer discounts, since the company does not. A simple example. Apple now sells nearly a year iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus the original fixed prices. Of course, the price of smartphones has fallen dramatically during this time retailers. However, they would decline even more, Apple would make at least some discount on your new smartphone.

Here are the prices Apple and retailers for comparison:

  • iPhone X 64 GB — 79 990 rubles Apple vs 70 490 rubles retailers (the difference is 9 500 rubles).
  • iPhone 8 64GB — 56 990 rubles against 51 990 rubles (the difference of 5 000).
  • iPhone 8 Plus 64 GB — 64 990 rubles, as against 51 990 rubles (the difference is 13 000).

To produce affordable models

This item only applies to Apple, as Samsung offers a variety of inexpensive smartphones. Apple need to change the strategy and start to release a budget iPhone. They can be worse than the Chinese models on features, but will be running iOS. So, will give its owners a familiar user experience and perfect communication with other devices.

The same iPhone SE, which in Russia is much cheaper in the last year and a half, almost a year remained the top selling smartphone. Incredible figure, especially for Apple! A similar situation exists in many other countries. Apple, of course, see it perfectly, but, apparently, the company is not eager to become a manufacturer of budget smartphones.



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