Buying an iPhone is a profitable investment, because even a year later, Apple will lose its value much less than any other Android smartphone. This is evidenced by the results of a study conducted by MusicmagPie.

As you know, with the release of the new flagship, the demand for last year’s model at the Tuesday market drops significantly. However, as the authors claim, this rule does not apply to Apple.

According to the schedule, among Apple smartphones, the worst result showed the iPhone 8, which has depreciated over the year by 45%. Then follow iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone 7, who lost in the initial value of 43% and 44% respectively. Original record set iPhone X — its price has fallen to only a moderate 32%.

As for the Android market, the situation is perfect in another way. To maintain a high value not capable of even the flagships A-brands, not to mention the smartphone category average. The best result was shown by Samsung smartphones, which are losing per year on average 62% of the original cost. Device companies such as Google, Huawei, LG and HTC are available now more than 80%. However, all the rest is still far from OnePlus, whose smartphones become cheaper over the same period by 97%.

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