Trump is not very exciting.

iPhone and other Apple equipment can become more expensive around the world by 25%. The reason is the desire of the President of the United States Donald trump to raise tariffs on Chinese goods, including those used to create iPhone, iPad and other equipment. According to the latest statement of trump, he believes that consumers can easily withstand the increase in cost of the devices.

In the United States is not the first month discuss the imposition of additional duties on imports from China. Before he Donald trump and members of his administration have repeatedly stressed that to raise the fees necessary taking into account the interests of consumers.

However, according to today’s statement by trump, the impact of increasing duties on consumer authorities are not interested in very much. According to trump, consumers “is very easy to take the increase in value.”

Previously, experts Bloomberg noted that if trade relations between the United States and China deteriorate, it will affect the price of both American and Chinese goods around the world. In particular, more expensive electronics: smartphones, tablets and laptops.

Source: WSJ.


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