But so does Apple itself?

Apple need to release iPhone SE 2 or any other smartphone at an affordable price, experts believe CNET and analysts at Moor Insights & Strategy. Only in this case Apple will be able to normalize the sales of the iPhone in the fall of the global smartphone market.

Experts believe that Apple needs to reduce the input cost of the iPhone. On the day, the iPhone 7 is the cheapest Apple smartphone from those that are sold officially. IPhone 7 price starts from $449. That’s $100-150 above the price of iPhone SE continues to be the input model of the iPhone.

Due to the great starting price of iPhone many consumers are turning their attention to analogues of Android smartphones. To change the situation will help the new iPhone to cost around $350. It certainly draws everyone to switch to Android smartphones, but will be able to save the part of consumers. Most important, all these customers will remain in the Apple ecosystem and are likely to use the services of the company, including a news service and TV service, to be presented at the presentation on March 25.

New cheap Apple smartphone especially will greatly help the company in the markets of developing countries, particularly in India, China and Russia. The experts stressed that Apple is better than the other knows about my past failures in these countries, so can really reflect on the launch of the iPhone so SE 2.

Source: CNET, USA Today.


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