The price tag pleases.

At the end of last week in Russia for the first time appeared on the market formally restored iPhone SE with 64 GB of memory at a nice price. The smartphone became available for purchase in “the Messenger”, but were sold out in most regions just two days. Today we drew attention to the fact that the iPhone 64 SE “As new” went on sale in another store for the same reduced price of 17 990 rubles.

The sale officially restored iPhone SE with 64 GB of memory began in the online store “Euroset”. Price of a smartphone is 17 990 rubles. However, to compare the cost of refurbished iPhone with a new SE is not currently possible. New 64-Gigabyte iPhone SE is not the first month not in stock in major stores.

It is expected that in “Euroset”, a new party officially restored iPhone SE with 64 GB of memory will disassemble fairly quickly. It is noteworthy that other retailers have disappeared from the market “As new” iPhone SE with 16 GB, which for several months was the most affordable smartphone of Apple in Russia.

Apparently, stocks of refurbished iPhone SE in Russia comes to an end. If Apple is already planning to send in the Russian shops the new party is unknown.


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