Large smartphones not everyone likes.

iPhone SE — the latest compact smartphone Apple, the number of users which worldwide is several million. And many iPhone owners SE just don’t see alternatives to their smartphones what users said in a major survey on the official forum of Apple. In addition, some users do not see the point of changing iPhone, as the smartphone is running iOS 12 began to work “like new”.

IPhone users SE believe that the last 4-inch Apple smartphone there is no alternative. Only iPhone SE has a compact design, the required fans of smaller smartphones, as well as acceptable performance. Many users said that the iPhone SE literally found a new life after the release of iOS 12.

The part of iPhone owners SE expressed concern that Apple apparently refused to release a compact smartphone. At the moment there is no rumors that Apple is planning an iPhone update SE or the launch of a full updated iPhone SE 2. Compact new Apple smartphone expected in 2018, but instead the company released a record a huge 6.5-inch iPhone XS Max.

It is not excluded that Apple representatives are watching the situation and know about the willingness of many of its customers purchase the iPhone compact. If the company will notice that those wishing to use the small iPhone will be really a lot in the future still should expect updates iPhone SE.


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