IPhone COE in 2019: is it worth buying?

Is it worth buying iPhone SE in 2019? Compact smartphone Apple, which, unfortunately, may be the last of this format, still sold in all the largest Russian stores at very reasonable price. But how good are iPhone SE for 2019? In this article we have gathered the opinions of real owners of iPhone SE that I use a smartphone in 2019 on an ongoing basis.

iPhone SE in 2019: price is very good

SE iPhone is the most popular smartphone of Apple in Russia for almost two years. Since then, as the smartphone rapidly fell in the middle of 2017, the demand for it has increased significantly.

As a result, iPhone SE has become the most popular smartphone among the Russians in 2017. In 2018 iPhone SE entered the top three most popular models, second only inexpensive and traditionally the chassis models of Samsung.

Currently, the iPhone SE is the most affordable smartphone of Apple in Russia. Prices for smartphone pleasantly pleasing compared to any other models:

  • iPhone SE 32 GB — 18 990 rubles.
  • iPhone SE 128 GB — 23 990 rubles.
  • SE iPhone 16GB “Like new” — 14 990 rubles.
  • iPhone SE 64 GB “As new” — 17 990 rubles.
  • iPhone SE 128 GB “As new” — 19 990 rubles.

With the price decided, now on to the reviews. All represented below reviews are written by real owners SE iPhone that use the smartphone every day.

iPhone SE in 2019: owner reviews

“Is it worth to buy iPhone SE? Well, proud owner of iPhone SE here. I would say that it is worth. It’s still an amazing smartphone that works relatively quickly, applications start and run smoothly, always come stable and frequent (!) update. The camera is very good, especially when viewing pictures on the computer. I do not really enjoy the pictures on your smartphone, because like to earn some money shots in different editors. From your SE only publish pictures in the Instagram. In General, the iPhone SE has everything you need for a modern smartphone. And more importantly, the iPhone SE have a headphone Jack, which is not in the new iPhone and many other smartphones. I don’t want to abandon it”, — the user Spring41.

“Many people write about how they use the iPhone SE is not the first month. But I bought the iPhone SE a couple of months ago, swapping your old iPhone 5. Yes, the display I would like a little bit more, just a couple tenths of an inch. But the overall impression I have from iPhone SE extremely positive. Compared to the iPhone 5 it just flies! And like the camera — she makes amazing images,” the user Noodels102.

“Personally, I recommend to buy the iPhone SE only lovers small displays. Such a compact smartphone with good speed and a quite good camera now simply no. But if you use a smartphone with a large display not a problem for you, then look at the iPhone 7 or newer models. Or even to Android smartphones. Still iPhone SE is quite old smartphone. For the same money you can now find much more powerful devices on Android with more cool camera and modern design. But this, of course, if you are able to abandon iOS in favor of Android. I’m sure you don’t want 🙂 ” – user redphan.

“I just recently took a restored iPhone SE as a backup smartphone. And what can I say — the bomb! iPhone always at hand, never in the way and subject to is not the most active of working for a very long time without recharging. And love the design. Ah, still early, that is, was better. Miss the days when Apple was doing such are the “building blocks”. But I want to clarify what to change my main iPhone X iPhone SE forever, I just can not. Too much difference in speed, in everything else” — the user sooooma.

“After a year of use iPhone X I went to the store and bought the iPhone SE 128 GB. Just because I got tired of using a large smartphone and realized that for me the main convenience.

Yes, the iPhone SE is not such a good display. Yes, there are many cool shit, like the iPhone X. the Scanner Touch ID, which I have habit to use only first generation and often he podplyvaet. Yes, typing on a smaller display, is slightly more complicated. And Yes, I think that iOS 12 not perfectly optimized for iPhone SE. But I don’t care.

For me iPhone SE is the ideal companion for every day. I don’t play games, don’t stick to YouTube for hours, don’t use animaze and other youth chips. I check my email, respond to messages, messengers, send voice messages, sometimes take pictures (by the way, do not consider me crazy, but as for me, the iPhone camera is SE better than the iPhone X). And Yes, I often use Apple Pay. Also often have to talk on the phone while driving and then compact iPhone SE actually decides. With all these tasks to me perfectly helps to cope iPhone SE. So I gave iPhone X wife, and he now returned to iPhone SE. If Apple will release iPhone SE 2, which will also be compact, buy without hesitation” — the user TheJadedSF.

“I have an iPhone SE iPhone iPhone SE X. Use only on your runs, we can say as a player, but sometimes the answer calls, view statistics on the run. But used to use them constantly before I bought a iPhone X. iPhone for me Personally, X was much more appropriate. iPhone SE after it seems small, slow and even uncomfortable. Don’t want to dissuade you from buying iPhone SE, but it is strongly advised to hold and SE iPhone, and any smartphone in more hands before buying. During this test, you can realize that smartphones with large displays nothing embarrassing. I have formed this opinion and now iPhone SE for me, just a spare phone,” the user ChaBeezy.

“Bought iPhone SE about a year ago and immediately fell in love with him. Yes, in many ways it is outdated, but it all depends on what you need from a smartphone. I was happy with everything. Will safe to use as long as iPhone SE will not cease to receive updates. And then we’ll see” user daanodinot.

iPhone SE in the future. IOS 13 — will or not?

Good point “will be used to until the iPhone SE will not cease to receive updates”. When will it happen?

If Apple suddenly changes its multi-year strategy of launching new versions of iOS, the iPhone SE will be updated to iOS 13. This means that the smartphone will appear dark theme (of course, if Apple does not make it exclusive for iPhone with OLED screens, what to believe don’t want), and long-awaited changes to the interface, and many other innovations.

Moreover, iPhone SE will be updated to iOS 14! Apple usually updates the smartphones 5-6 years. iPhone SE came out in 2016. Five years he will be in 2021, when Apple will prepare to run already iOS 15. In other words, iPhone users SE have the right to expect fresh updates for more than two and a half years.

However, everything will depend on Apple. What devices will support iOS 13 we know in early June at the conference WWDC 2019.


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