Few people know, but your iPhone constantly monitors your location and keeps a history of your travels. As Apple itself reveals, this is done in order to improve the product and user experience. Nevertheless, if necessary, such tracking can be disabled, and today we’ll show you how to do it.

The function is responsible for monitoring, called “Significant places”. This is how work this option, Apple itself:

Your iPhone will remember Your recently visited places, as well as the frequency and time of their visit, to know the places that have meaning to You. This data is passed between connected to your iCloud devices using end-to-end encryption and will not be shared with third parties without Your consent.

In determining the location enable location services, namely, GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi. In rare cases, location is also determined by using cell towers. As a result, when this option is enabled, the “Significant places” can decrease the battery life of the device.

So, where you can view all the data about their movements?

  • Launch “Settings”
  • Next, go to the “Privacy” → “location Services” → “System services” → “Significant places”.

  • Here you can see a list of all the visited places, their coordinates on the map, and the date and time of stay.

Sometimes the information on the places visited can be useful — for example, when you travel, but if privacy is in the first place, this option can simply turn off.

How to prevent tracking?

  • In order to limit the tracking, enough to take the toggle switch next to “Important places” in the down position.

Despite the fact that the option prevents the collection of data, this deletes the previously saved information. Therefore, before you disable the function, clear the list of visited places by manual removal.


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