These models of the iPhone should look.

Major Russian stores began to gradually reduce the price of the iPhone after launch of iPhone XS and XS Max iPhone. What models iPhone given the lower prices now are the best ratio “price-quality”? This article has gathered the best options, taking into account the market situation.

iPhone 7 — a chic smartphone that’s much cheaper

The best Apple smartphone in the ratio “price-quality” for October 2018 is definitely the iPhone 7. The smartphone is decently cheaper over the last couple of months, especially strongly diminished in price after the September Apple presentation.

As a result, the modern, powerful smartphone with a great camera can be purchased for 36 990 rubles. At the same time, to buy a smartphone can be cheaper — for 30 990 rubles. We are talking about officially restored version which has full warranty and fully new condition.

Restored the iPhone 6s/6s Plus — budget choice

iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus nearly disappeared from Russian stores — inventory of smart phones coming to an end, and the new Apple already produces. Moreover, the new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, many retailers are sold for some completely inadequate money (more expensive than iPhone 7), which does not exactly make them a good acquisition taking into account the ratio of “price-quality”.

But, fortunately, leading retailers regularly appear officially restored models iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. Their price is really amazing, especially compared to the new versions.

For example, the iPhone 6 Plus with 16 GB of memory can be purchased for 22 990 rubles. A model with 32 GB of memory a little more expensive — 24 990 rubles. 4.7-inch iPhone 6s with a whole 64 GB of memory is also sold at the “delicious” price — 23 990 rubles.

Note that if you are confused by the fact that smartphones are restored, be sure to pay attention to this article. In it we explained why you should not fear to buy the iPhone marked “As new”.

iPhone SE — the budget choice

4-inch iPhone SE, which may be the last compact smartphone Apple ceased to become cheaper. He dropped in price over the last year and a few months of 2018. But then the price stopped on the same mark and never moved.

However, because of its low price iPhone SE remains one of the best smartphones on the ratio “price-quality”. The smartphone is sold at a price 18 490 rubles, which is quite adequate for a smartphone that works great on iOS 12 and shoots great photos and videos with 4K resolution.

iPhone 8 is the best choice if you have money

The most expensive smartphone in the world iPhone with the best ratio “price-quality”. iPhone 8 sold at a price 45 990 rubles, which frankly, a lot. However, the smartphone is very much cheaper in 2018. The recent widespread reduction in prices of smartphone altogether amounted to nearly five thousand. And now the iPhone 8 with 64 GB of memory sold for the same price as, for example, the model two years ago, iPhone 7 Plus only with 32 GB of memory!

Given the strong price reduction and really flagship characteristics, the iPhone 8 great to buy, which will eliminate the thought of acquiring a new smartphone for many years.


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