In the past, some iPhone users complained on X crackle glass main camera. According to the owners of the “jubilee” of Apple’s smartphones glass cracked by itself. However, subretinally did not recognize the problem the warranty. Now with such a trouble faced by iPhone users XS and XS Max.

Over the past few weeks on the official Apple support forum has gathered hundreds of messages from the owners of the latest Apple smartphones. They all complain suddenly cracks appeared on the glass that closed lenses main camera. As before, users claim that the cracks were there themselves: smartphones did not fall and has not been any other mechanical influences. In one case, the camera module generally away from the body of the smartphone. The user notes that at this point, the iPhone Xs Max was just lying on the table.

There is an assumption that the problem is related to some manufacturing defects. However, the cupertinos have not yet commented the situation. The only thing left to users is to contact the service centre to pay the replacement module. During this operation, Apple will forgive about 500 dollars.


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