The iPhone showed an unexpected vulnerability. As reported on Twitter Russian user of a social network, they were helpless before the Russian word “hyphen”.

“Dash, simple quintuple combo hyphen krašit all on iOS. A guide to action: in any app where you enter the text to include voice dialing and five times say dash” (hyphen)”, —he noted.

After that, the smartphone will be reboot. But first you have to open any app where text can be entered.

Then in dictation mode should be pronounced in Russian “hyphen” five times, and it works with the English word — hyphen.

Users immediately decided to check whether this is so.

“Ahahaha… I’m just throwing out 4 times said, then pause for 10 secs…then again, the hyphen and all, he threw me out”, “iphone 6s To work”, “Works himself in shock at first I thought Xs Max end, but no,” said they.

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