Paul Gorodnitsky – important accessory that definitely need the most expensive iPhone this year.

Very soon Samsung will show the Galaxy Note9, and it is utter anguish. Huge screen, powerful hardware, great camera, smart stylus S Pen – in this format the main Asian phablet comes last 3-4 years. Yes, shrink the frame around the display and camera becomes more, but fundamentally nothing changes – except that devices sometimes explode.

It just so happened that people are tired of the Galaxy Note – it’s too monotonous and too expensive at the start. It is not surprising that Samsung is thinking about closing line: bosses want to unite the Galaxy Note with Galaxy S Plus. A reasonable solution, given that fundamentally these devices only differ in the presence of a smart pen.

According to insiders, talks about killing the Galaxy Note series has been underway for several quarters. Most likely, a separate line is really finish off, and Apple is obliged to play it – Tim cook has a chance to relish the click competitors on the nose. It is only necessary to release killer iPhone X Plus.

What do we know about this flagship?

It debuts in September, will be openly horse (1000-1100$) price, and a hefty (6,4-6,5 inch) OLED screen. Plus the most powerful processor in the history of the iPhone and probably the best camera on the market.

On the one hand – yeah, that’s impressive, especially considering that the dimensions of the device will not exceed today’s iPhone Plus (all at the expense of trimmed part).

On the other hand, globally, the Apple phablet will not be different from other smartphones with huge displays. For example, some Xiaomi Mi 3 Max, OnePlus 6 or Galaxy S9+.

But the most important thing that the new iPhone will be hard to compete with other smartphones the Apple of 2018. iPhone X 5.8 inch – cheaper and more compact. iPhone 9 6.1 inch is also much more affordable than X Plus and the screen diagonal is almost the same. In short, so far sverhdorogoy flagship lacks killer features. The camera and the screen is fine, but needs some originality.

Stylus – the best way.

First, it will finally pit the iPhone with the Galaxy Note. By the way, this fight from the Korean gadget is extremely not so little of a chance – according to rumors, the new generation S Pen will get Bluetooth, button, camera controls and even its own speaker. On the side of Apple – the popular brand and aesthetics (Pencil clearly nicer pen). In short, it will be interesting to see how the giants face off with the stylus.

Second, Apple will still have sooner or later to allow the S Pen to smartphones. Even iPad for 20 thousand rubles perceives the pen, so that on clamping this option is meaningless. On the contrary – it is possible to plant on stylus pen iPhone X Plus, which later will buy an iPad Pro to replace my work computer. The ideal scenario for Tim cook.

Thirdly, users will certainly spell a magic pencil. It is convenient to draw, edit images and write notes, but most importantly – it causes a pleasant sensation, and it does not want to let go. Almost all of my colleagues who coped with a full Shuttle service on the iPad (that is, refused to laptops), bought Apple Pencil and admitted that he beats every ruble.

Unfortunately, there are two problems that could ruin everything.

First and foremost, goons from Cupertino is unlikely to put the pencil in the kit. The maximum of any discount for students or offer to purchase a cheap stylus alternative. Then people will score on this acquisition, Samsung Galaxy Note 9 with the functional S Pen included will look much more profitable.

The second problem is purely practical. In the iPhone’s not going to be the compartment for a pencil. And where to put it? Or just to carry or buy a special case, where the compartment for Pencil. This option is probably the most adequate: Apple is working on accessories, and users won’t break the iPhone for $ 1000 and not lose precious pencil.

The conclusion is that iPhone X Plus need to present with a stylus included, and money hack with cases and covers. This is the perfect and most intriguing situation – finally, 7 years later after the birth of the Galaxy Note series, Samsung will have adequate contender with pen in hand.


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