In early August, Samsung showed the public its new flagship smartphone — the Galaxy Note 9. The cost for a younger version has made an impressive $ 1,000. Many experts agree that such a high price Galaxy Note 9 is justified, given the availability of all the latest technologies onboard a device. But will he be able to compete with the iPhone X? The journalists Ai decided to conduct an independent test on the quality of the cameras, to see what their device will show itself best.

The first test — Macro.

For capturing images on smart phones were used wide-angle lenses, and additionally Galaxy Note 9 were involved in macro mode. As noted, due to the fact that the flagship Apple does not have such an opportunity, pictures of the competitor turned out a little better.

The use of telephoto lenses gave similar results. However, the Galaxy Note 9 showed the best expression and detail, with the result that a victory in this test can be awarded flagship Samsung.

Second test — Auto mode.

The publication notes that the picture received on the iPhone X looks more realistic and close to real colors. The camera of the Galaxy Note 9 has shown themselves here, not the best way.

Third test — Front camera.

The front of the smartphone Apple is able to capture colors more accurately. The Galaxy Note 9 has covered a little more detail due to the wide-angle lens, but the image was overexposed and less expressive.

Test fourth — Zoom.
Both smartphones support 10x Zoom, so it was decided to compare the devices in this aspect. According to the results, the Galaxy Note 9 has surpassed iPhone X like in terms of contrast and image detail.

Test fifth Test in low light.

In conclusion, the journalists tested the camera in low-light conditions. In this test won the Galaxy Note 9, showing a clearer and more realistic picture. The iPhone X was unnatural.

According to test results, the camera is the flagship of Samsung has been recognized as the best. The strengths of the Galaxy Note 9 are macro photography, shooting in low-light conditions. Overall the pictures turned out more contrasting and vibrant from Samsung. Among the advantages of iPhone X was marked high-quality front-facing camera, shooting in portrait mode, and a more natural flow of colors.

And what smartphone has awarded a victory would you? Share your thoughts in the comments or in our Telegram chat.


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